Setting up your Shopify store is one thing, but acquiring customers is something else entirely. As an eCommerce business owner, there are a lot of Shopify marketing tactics that you can use to catapult your sales. 

However, finding the right strategies to use in your online store takes quite a bit of trial and error. You have to test, measure, tweak and test again before you can be sure that you’re doing all the right things that will move your business forward. 

NinjaCommerce offers Shopify marketing services to take your business to the next level. We have a team of experienced marketers who are well-versed in all things Digital Marketing. This means that we’re able to take care of all aspects of your marketing to ensure maximum growth in your business.

Unique Shopify Marketing Tactics For Growth

We use effective techniques that have been proven to boost brand awareness and increase product sales. 

Shopify marketing strategies can range from the popular options used by many marketers around the world, such as Google and Facebook Ads, to more unique and high-impact alternatives which include: 

  • Collaborating with influencers
  • Creating SEO-driven content pieces
  • Featuring user-generated content
  • Creating loyalty programs
  • Launching giveaways and contests
  • Using email marketing for abandoned carts
  • Offering discounts and promotions
  • … and much more! 

Marketing your web store doesn’t need to be overwhelming or frustrating. Many people have found success – it’s not rocket science. But you do have to have a clear plan and a system to follow that will bring you consistent results. 

At NinjaCommerce, we use our unique process to determine the right Shopify marketing strategies for your particular business. We help you create a system for online success that will ensure your business has predictable and ever-increasing traffic and sales. Now you can do away with the steep learning curve and start seeing the results you desire right away. 

The sales funnel is undoubtedly the single most vital concept in any eCommerce business. A well-designed sales funnel will allow you to increase your income by automating a lot of your online business processes. 

This is the path of least resistance when it comes to automatically growing and scaling any business. Here we take a look at some important elements of an effective sales funnels: the tripwire, upsell, and downsell, in order to help you boost your eCommerce sales. 

The Tripwire

Tripwire marketing is a great way for you to get more conversions. This process is simply a conversion-acceleration hack designed to convince your prospects to buy something smaller from you as opposed to a more expensive product. It’s an effective way to lure customers in with a low-cost offer that serves as a proof of concept before offering them the more expensive product or service. 

The Upsell 

An upsell is the sales technique of convincing a customer to buy products that are more expensive than their initial purchase or to upgrade, add on other features, etc. It makes the sale a more profitable one. Upselling is important to eCommerce businesses because it increases your sales and allows you to grow your revenue from the same amount of traffic. 

The Downsell

A downsell is the process where a seller attempts to convert customers who decided not to go through with the purchase for whatever reason (for instance, insufficient budget). The seller offers a cheaper product that has a higher chance of being accepted. With down-selling, the goal is to acquire the customer, even though you may not profit as much from doing so right away. 

Putting it all together

When you have an effective tripwire, upsell, and downsell working together in your eCommerce marketing strategy, you make it more likely that you’ll be able to convince as many customers as possible to purchase your products. This deep funnel becomes your business’s revenue machine that is guaranteed to boost your eCommerce sales.

There’s a wide array of eCommerce business strategies that you can use to generate more clicks and sales in your business. However, it’s important to note that some work better than others, which means you have to put careful consideration into your decision of which strategies to use in your own business. In this article, we take a look at some of the most effective methods to help you reach more customers.

Increase Search Usability

Your web store should be organized for two groups of prospects: those who already know what they intend to buy, and those who just want to browse. Make sure that your eCommerce website platform records and analyzes what each of your visitors is searching for. Being able to track this means that you have effective search capability and navigation on your site. 

Having a high-performing search experience is a great eCommerce strategy that helps to ensure that users find the information they need quickly and easily, otherwise, they may end up buying the product from another store. 

Have Useful Product Descriptions

Having good product descriptions is a no-brainer. But how exactly do you create ‘useful’ product descriptions? By not simply describing the product, but also making sure that the features and benefits include all the information that your potential customers would like to know. 

Consider the following tips when you’re crafting your product descriptions: 

  • Use proper subheadings to break up text
  • Add bullet points to make text easier to consume
  • Use larger font size for better readability 

Personalize the Home Page

This is an extremely effective business strategy that eCommerce stores can use to help boost their sales. The personalization technique involves recording pages that customers visited, products they viewed during their session, etc. in order to help you create new buying suggestions for your visitors the next time they land on your home page. 

Amazon does a great job of this, as can be seen in their personalized offers based on previous consumer behavior as well as real-time data like location or time. 

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